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Batfish Aquatics houses over 300 aquariums full of freshwater fishes. We specialize in unusual and rare species, and, if it is not on our list, we can often get it. To order, please click the contact us link below and send an e-mail. Fish often sell quickly, and we cannot guarantee availability, no matter what is listed below.

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Cyprinids: Barbs, Danios, Rasboras, Algae Eaters


Rosy Barbs are excellent algae eaters, and will even eat duckweed.
Rosy Barb
Puntius conchonius
6 for $12
Large Available: $4.99
Lipstick Barbs
Lipstick Barb
Pethia erythromycter
6 for $20


Pearl Danio.
Pearl Danio
Danio albolineatus
6 for $4.99
Giant Danio.
Giant Danio
Devario aequipinnatus
6 for $4.99



Red Tail Black Shark
Epalzeorhynchos bicolor