Nerite Snail
Nerite spp.

Basic Information
Maximum Size: 1-2"

Recommended Aquarium Size: 5-G Minimum

pH: 7.0 - 8.0

Hardness: 5-20

Temperature: 60 - 74

Temperment: Unaggressive

Nerite snails are excellent aquarium algae eating snails that do not breed in the aquarium

Nerite Snails are a small group of snails that act as excellent algae eaters. These snails will rapidly clean rocks, glass, and other surfaces of algae. If there is insufficient algae in the aquarium, they will begin to wander in search of greener pastures; their diet should be supplemented with an algae based pellet or tablet, including New Era Grazers or similar foods. Unlike most snails, Nerite do not reproduce in the aquarium, requiring high salinity to successfully breed. (Some aquarists report that they will lay eggs in the aquarium, but these do not hatch and can be removed easily). There are numerous species of Nerite in the trade, and Batfish Aquatics usually stocks an assortment.