Starlight Pleco
L183: Ancistrus dolichopterus

Basic Information
Maximum Size: 4-6"

Recommended Aquarium Size: 20-G Minimum

pH: 6.0 - 7.4

Hardness: 4-12°

Temperature: 74 - 78 °

Temperament: Unaggressive; males will fight, often to death

L183 Pleco, the Starlight Ancistrus.

The Starlight Pleco is a type of bushynosed pleco, or Ancistrus. Traded under the names of "White Seam Pleco," and occassionally "Blue Seam Pleco", these fish have a white border along the dorsal and caudal fins. Additionally, the body is liberally dotted with small white dots, against a dark black background, making for a very striking fish.
Wild caught fish tend to fade as they mature, with the fish becoming a uniform grey with white edges. Captive raised fish, for some reason, seem to hold their dark pattern better than their wild caught brethren. These fish are being commonly spawned by hobbyists.
Like most members of the genus Ancistrus, males will develop bushy noses (as will some females). Males tend to be fairly aggressive with each other, though these are reasonably small fish. Make sure that there are plenty of caves, driftwood crevices, and other spots for these fish to hide from one another, and maintaining a group is not particularly difficult.
These fish make excellent aglae eaters in the aquarium, though their diet should be supplemented with an algae containing food, such as New Era Pleco Pellets. . Their tank should contain some driftwood for them to graze on as well. They mix well with essentially any other fish, except other Ancistrus provided these fish will not harm the L183.