Butterfly Pleco
L052 Pleco: Dekeyseria spp.

Basic Information
Maximum Size: 4-5"

Recommended Aquarium Size: 29-G Minimum

pH: 6.0 - 7.2

Hardness: 4-12°

Temperature: 78 - 85 °

Temperament: Unaggressive; males may spar

L052 Pleco

The black and white striped Butterfly Pleco is a truly beautiful fish that compares favourably to a Zebra Pleco. Their flattened body shape has given rise to the name "Flounder Pleco," as well. The genus Dekeyseria contains a number of other fishes, many of which are similarly traded as L052.
These fish are omnivorous, and will not subside on a diet of algae alone. They must be fed meaty foods, such as live blackworms, to supplement their algae grazing. They are easily bred in most aquaria, with eggs laid in caves.
Unaggressive, these fish mix well with virtually any other fish that will not harm them.