Oto Cats
Otocinclus spp.

Basic Information
Maximum Size: Less than 2"

Recommended Aquarium Size: 10-G Minimum

pH: 5.0 - 7.5

Hardness: 3-10°

Temperature: 72 - 78 °

Temperment: Unaggressive; schooling


Some of the smallest algae eaters out there, Otocinclus are a long time favourite of planted tank enthusiasts. These small catfish do an incredible job of eating algae. These fish can be kept in tanks as small as 10-gallons, but will also work in larger tanks, provided the tankmates are not large enough to eat them. Otocinclus form large schools in the wild, and we recommend you keep at least six of them in the aquarium. Unlike most Loricariids, Oto Cats are active by day.
The genus Otocinclus includes about 18 species, the most commonly encountered of which are O. cocama and O. mariae . Occassionally, other species are also found, and most imports of Otocinclus, usually under one of hte previous two names, are actually a mixed bag of species. Many of the various species look superficially quite similar, and telling them apart is difficult. They all have similar dietary needs, reach similar sizes, and require similar water, so we are generally pretty happy just calling them "Otocinclus."