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Batfish Aquatics houses over 300 aquariums full of freshwater fishes. We specialize in unusual and rare species, and, if it is not on our list, we can often get it. To order, please click the contact us link below and send an e-mail. Fish often sell quickly, and we cannot guarantee availability, no matter what is listed below.

NEW! We are currently working on adding information on each species in stock. Click on the picture of any fish and more information, if available, will appear. Note that we are currently writing and uploading informational pages for all species; please be patient as we work our way through the list!
Please help us proofread these pages as they appear. Contact us if you find any errors, typos, or problems, including "Page not found" errors. If a page is not yet existing, and you have questions about a species, or would just like more information, please do not hesitate to send us an e-mail. We are here to help!



Blue Cheek Apistogramma agasizzi Blue Cheek Aggie
Apistogramma agassizii "Blue Cheek"
$65 PAIR

Red Point Apisto.
Apistogramma sp. "Red Point"

Sunshine Apistogramma allpahuayo Sunshine Apistogramma
Apistogramma allpahuayo
Mouthbrooding Apistogramma Mouthbrooding Apisto
Apistogramma barlowi
Red Striped Apistogramma Red Striped Apistogramma
Apistogramma bitaeniata "Red"
Eunotus Apistogramma Eunotus Apisto.
Apistogramma eunotus
Oregon Apistogramma Oregon Apistogramma
Apistogramma sp. "Oregon"
Panda Apistogramma Panda Apisto
Apistogramma panduro
Apistogramma trifasciatus Trifasciatus Apisto.
Apistogramma trifasciata

Blueheaded MacMasteri Cichlid Blue Head MacMasteri
Apistogramma macmasteri
Sunset Apistogramma atahualpa Sunset Apistogramma
Apistogramma atahualpa
Rio Tigre Apistogramma Tiger River Apistogramma
Apistogramma sp. "Rio Tigre"
Apistogramma cruzi Cruz's Apistogramma
Apistogramma cruzi

Other Cichlids

The Bolivian Ram, Microgeophagus altispinosa Ruby Ram, Bolivian Ram
Microgeophagus altispinosa

The cooler-water cousin of the true Ram, the Ruby Ram is a much, much easier to keep fish.
False Keyhole Cichlid
Laetacara thayeri

3 for $40


3 for $20

This is the "False Keyhole Cichlid," a very peaceful, shy substitute for the true Keyhole. Juveniles are available, at about an inch or less; adults are at least 3-4".
Egyptian Mouthbrooder\ Victorian Mouthbrooder
Pseudocrenilabrus multicolour var. victoriae

Two Stripe Cichlid
Paratheraps bifasciatus

Running about 3-4" right now.
Robertson's Cichlid, F1
Amphilophus robertsoni, F1
Black Belt Cichlid
Vieja maculicauda
3 for $20
Festa Cichlid
Nandopsis festae

Red Tiger Motaguense cichlid Red Tiger Cichlid
Parachromis motaguense


Bushy Nose Pleco
Ancistrus sp. "Domestic"
3 for $15

The basic aquarium bushy nose pleco or bristle nose pleco, brown, either locally bred (usually) or farm raised. These are the ideal algae eating pleco. If you're still buying regular ol' "plecos," Batfish will have words for you. The BNP gets to a maximum size of about 4", perfect for most tanks, breeds easily, looks cool and ... best of all ... it ... eats ... brown ... algae. The type most of us have in the aquarium. Great algae eaters.

Corydoras and Similar:

Corydoras erharti Corydoras ehrhardti
3 for $15
Corydoras rabouti Rabouti's Cory
Corydoras rabouti
Striped Elegant Cory
Corydoras sp.
3 for $60
Corydoras pygmaeus Pygmy Cory
Corydoras pygmaeus
$3, 6 or more $2.50 each
Asst. Cory Cats
Corydoras spp.
3 for $12

Our choice of Corydoras, including some species not on the list.
Blackfin Aspidoras Blackfin Aspidoras
Aspidoras sp. "blackfin"
3 for $15
Aspidoras Araguaia Aspidoras
Aspidoras sp. "araguaia"

Other Catfish:

Banjo Catfish Banjo Catfish
Aspredinidae spp.


Pseudomugil gertrudae Gertrude's Blue Eye Rainbowfish
Pseudomugil gertrudae
6 or more @ $8.00 each
Irian Dwarf Rainbowfish Irian Dwarf Rainbowfish
Pseudomugil cf. paskai

Tetras and other Characins:

Emperor Tetra, Nematobrycon palmeri Emperor Tetra, LG
Nematobrycon palmeri
6 for $15
Jellybean Tetra, Ladegesia roloffi Jelly Bean Tetra
Ladigesia roloffi
6 for $12
Blind Cave Tetra Blind Cave Tetra
Astyanax jordani
$4, 6 for $18
Black Neon Tetra Black Neon Tetra
Hyphessobrycon herbertaxelrodi
6 for $12
Albino Black Neon Tetra
Hyphessobrycon herbertaxelrodi
3 for $10

Sailfin Tetra
Crenuchus spilurus
3 for $12
Black Morpho Tetra
Poecilocharax weitzmani

Due to the delicate nature of this fish in shipping, it is not guaranteed.
Black Splashing Tetra Black Dotted Splashing Tetra
Copella spp.
$6, 6 or more @ $5 each
Blue Splashing Tetra Blue Dotted Splashing Tetra
Copella spp.
$6, 6 or more @ $5 each
Elachocharax pulcher, Black Darter Tetra Black Mini Darter Tetra
Elachocharax pulcher
$7, 6 or more @ $6 each
Odontocharacidium aphanes, the Green Dwarf Tetra Green Dwarf Tetra
Odontocharacidium aphanes
$7, 6 for $35
Fire Glass Tetra
Trochilocharax ornatus
$7, 6 for $35

Cyprinids (Barbs, Danios, Rasboras, etc.)

Dracula's Mini Danio, Danionella dracula Dracula's Mini Danio
Danionella dracula
6 for $25

Please research this fish, and be prepared for its small size!
Transparent Mini Danio
Danionella translucida
6 for $20

Please research this fish, and be prepared for its small size!
Longfin Rosy Barb Longfin Rosy Barb
Puntius conchonius
6 for $12
Pearl Danio Pearl Danio
Danio albolineatus
6 for $10
Mustache Danio, Danio dangila Mustache Danio
Danio dangila
$7, 6 for $35

Harlequin Rasbora
Trigonostigma heteromorpha
6 for $10
Dwarf Rasbora, Microrasbora erythromicron or Celestichthys erythromicron Dwarf Rasbora
Celestichthys (Microrasbora) erythromicron
6 for $20
Glowlight Danios, Danio choprae, have been reclassified as Celestichthys choprae Glowlight Danio
Celestichthys (Danio) choprae
6 for $20
SALE! 12 for $30
Siamese Algae Eater Crossocheilus siamensis or Crossocheilus atrilimes Siamese Algae Eater
Crossocheilus atrilimes (siamensis)
Crossocheilus reticulatus is also known as the Network Algae Eater, or sometimes Crosshatch Algae Eater, and eats black beard algae. Network Algae Eater
Crossocheilus reticulatus

Probably the best algae eating machine out there.


Betta splendens Common Betta
Betta sp. "Domestic," Hybrid "Splendens"

We have a good number of various fancy male bettas in stock right now, the hobby B. splendens. Please contact us if you're looking for a really nice Betta, and we can send you some really bad photos.
SALE! Now includes Crowntails, Twin Tails, Halfmoons and other varieties. Limited quantity, and time!

Betta dennnisyongi, Betta rubra Crimson Red Betta
Betta dennisyongi
Reverse Trio: $150

Only one group available, 2-Males, 1-Female, perfect for breeding this paternal mouthbrooder!
Pearl Betta
Betta simorum

All Other Fishes:

Gold Mickey Mouse Platy Gold Mickey Mouse Platy
Xiphophorus sp. "Platy"
6 for $10


Nerite Snail
Nerite spp.
$3 or 6 for $12
Asst. Types, Our Pick
Small Thorn Nerite Snail
Nerite thornus
$2.50, 6 for $12

White Spotted Monster Snail
Tylomelania spp.
Red Claw Crab
Perisesarma bidens
Vasquez Crayfish
Cambarellus “Vasquez”
3 for $30

We have been asking around trying to get a positive ID on these craws. They're not particularly big, don't seem to bother fish, and haven't destroyed our plants. Buy one and tell us what it is!

All Other Animals

Ambystoma mexicanum axolotl

Last one.
Siren, Lesser
Siren intermedia

Iberian Ribbed Newt
Pleurodeles waltl

Iberian Ribbed Newt, Xanthix Form
Pleurodeles waltl

Firebelly Newt Oriental Newt Cynops orientalis Fire Belly Newt
Cynops orientalis

SALE: $4 each
Blue Tailed Fire Belly Newt
Cynops cyanurus
2 for $40


These are extremely unusual fish, one of a kind fish, or fish that are ideal for dedicated breeders, as well as "Lonely Hearts." Please only order these fish if you are willing and able to breed them, and/or have mates for these "lonely hearts."