Freshwater Fishes

Freshwater Fish

Batfish Aquatics houses over 300 aquariums full of freshwater fishes. We specialize in unusual and rare species, and, if it is not on our list, we can often get it. To order, please click the contact us link below and send an e-mail. Fish often sell quickly, and we cannot guarantee availability, no matter what is listed below.


Mega Red Cockatoo Cichlid / Red Flash Cockatoo
Apistogramma cacatoides "Red Flash"
$60 PAIR
Sold by PAIR only. One pair left!
Pertensis Apisto
Apistogramma pertensis

Shushupe Apisto
Apistogramma bitaeniata var Shushupe

Running fairly small.
Flamingo Cichlid
Apistogramma agasizzi var Flamencia
$50 PAIR

Absolutely stunning!
Blue Cheek Aggie
Apistogramma agasizzi "Blue Cheek"
$65 PAIR

Double Red Apisto.
Apistogramma agasizzi "Double Red"
Only males

Redtail MacMasteri Apisto.
Apistogramma macmasteri Redtail
$35 PAIR

Only one pair remaining!

Red Point Apisto.
Apistogramma sp. "Red Point"

Trifasciatus Apisto.
Apistogramma trifasciata var "Maciliensis"

Purple Apisto.
Apistogramma sp. "Pebas"

Very small

Red Neck Apisto.
Apistogramma macmasteri var. "Viejita"
Per each. Male heavy. Great display fish.
Poofy Pants Apisto
Apistogramma pantalones

Rostrich Apisto
Apistogramma rostriche

Other Cichlids

Dicrossus filamentosus Checkerboard Dwarf Cichlid
Dicrossus filamentosus

About 10 in stock, very few females.
False Keyhole Cichlid
Laetacara thayeri

3 for $40


3 for $20

This is the "False Keyhole Cichlid," a very peaceful, shy substitute for the true Keyhole. Juveniles are available, at about an inch or less; adults are at least 3-4".
Electric Blue Acara
Aequidens sp.
Egyptian Mouthbrooder Victorian Mouthbrooder
Pseudocrenilabrus multicolour var. victoriae

Pearsei Cichlid
Ex-Cichlasoma pearsei

Small guys at about 1.5-2" right now; be prepared for them to grow.
Two Stripe Cichlid
Paratheraps bifasciatus

Running about 3-4" right now.
Siebold's Cichlid
Tomacichla sieboldi

Yellow Convict Cichlid
Cryptoheros nanoluteus
3 for $10
Tank bred Yellow Dwarf cichlid, not particularly aggressive.
Rio Ceibal
Astroloheros spp.

Panama Cichlid
Cryptoheros panamensis

Black Belt Cichlid
Vieja maculicauda
3 for $20
Mayan Cichlid
Cichlasoma (Nandopsis) urophthalmus

Juveniles, about 1.5".
Festa Cichlid
Nandopsis festae

Inkspot Calvus
Altolamprologus calvus

Ornate Lamprologus
Lamprologus ornatipinnis

Neolamprologus cylindricus

Christmas Fulu, X-Mas Fulu
Xystichromis sp. "Christmas Fulu"

Unga Blackbelly Tilapia
Sarotherodon linelli

Very few of these beautiful, unusual fish!

Ophthalmotilapia nasutus
Ophthalmotilapia nasutus
Sale!: $20 each

Midnight Hueseri Peacock
Aulonacara hueseri, F1
6 for $50


Lemon Drop Ancistrus
Ancistrus sp. Domestic "Lemon Drop"

A gorgeous variety of Bushy Nosed Pleco. These are a yellowish green fish. Awesome little algae eaters.

Long Fin Lemon Drop Ancistrus
Ancistrus sp. Domestic "Lemon Drop"

Same as above, but with, well, long fins. . .

Albino Blue Eye Ancistrus
Ancistrus sp. Domestic

Neat albino bushynose with blue coloured eyes.
Albino Bushynose Pleco
Ancistrus sp. Domestic Albino

Similar to above, but with red eyes.
no image available Calico Ancistrus
Ancistrus sp. Domestic

Gorgeous colours on these Red Calicos!
Veil Finned Bushy Nose Pleco, Large
Ancistrus sp. "Domestic"
Bushy Nose Pleco
Ancistrus sp. "Domestic"
3 for $15

The basic aquarium bushy nose pleco or bristle nose pleco, brown, either locally bred (usually) or farm raised. These are the ideal algae eating pleco. If you're still buying regular ol' "plecos," Batfish will have words for you. The BNP gets to a maximum size of about 4", perfect for most tanks, breeds easily, looks cool and ... best of all ... it ... eats ... brown ... algae. The type most of us have in the aquarium. Great algae eaters.

Green Phantom Pleco
L200: Baryancistrus demantoides

Blue Phantom Pleco, Small
L128: Baryancistrus sp.

Butterfly Pleco
L052: Dekeyseria sp.

Purple Panaque, Blue Pleco
L239: Baryancistrus beggini

no image available Banjo Catfish
Aspredinidae spp.
Oto Cats
Otocinclus cf. affins
6 for $15
Spiny Monster Pleco, Cream and Coffee Pleco
L160, Pseudacanthicas spinosis

Other Catfish:

Corydoras erhartii
3 for $15
Purple Cory Cat
Corydoras violetti (C. similans variant)
Orangefin Corydoras
Corydoras sterbai
Rabouti's Cory
Corydoras rabouti
Shoulder Spot Cory
Corydoras adolfoi

Striped Elegant Cory
Corydoras sp.
3 for $60
Dwarf Cory
Corydoras habrosus
3 for $10

Not the Panda Cories in the picture, but the little guy.
Pygmy Cory
Corydoras pygmaeus
$2.50, 6 or more $2 each
Nano Cory
Corydoras nanus
Sale! 3 for $22
Asst. Cory Cats
Corydoras spp.
3 for $12

Our choice of Corydoras, including some species not on the list.
Blackfin Aspidoras
Aspidoras sp. "blackfin"
3 for $15
Arigua Aspidoras
Aspidoras sp. "Arigua"

Mini Moth Catfish, Stone Catfish
Hara jerdoni
3 for $10

Treat this fish like you would a Corydoras.
Hummingbird Catfish
Chandrarama rama
3 for $20

Dwarf Syno
Synodontis lucipinnis
Valentine Synodontis
Synodontis sp. "Valentiana"

This fish is believed to be a hybrid form of Decorus. Looks very similar to Decorus.


Forktail Rainbowfish
Pseudomugil furcata
6 or more @ $5.00 each
Irian Dwarf Rainbowfish
Pseudomugil cf. paskai

Dwarf Flame Rainbowfish
Melanotaenia parva

NICE size, adult fish!
Zig Zag Doritya Rainbowfish
Melanotaenia doritya
$8, 6 for $40
Australlian Rainbowfish
Melanotaenia cf. fluviatilis
$2.50, 6 for $12

Try these super hardy rainbowfish in a small outdoor pond or tub garden this year.
Praecox Rainbow, Dwarf Neon Rainbow
Melanotaenia praecox
$6, 6 for $30

Northern Blue Rainbowfish
Melanotaenia affinis

Emerald Rainbowfish
Glossolepis wanamensis

Parkinson's Rainbowfish
Melanotaenia parkinsoni

Tetras and other Characins:

Emperor Tetra
Nematobrycon palmeri
6 for $15
Ember Tetra
Hyphessobrycon amandae
6 for $15
SALE! 10 for $15
Flame Tetra, Von Rio Tetra
Hyphessobrycon flammeus
$2, 6 for $8
Glowlight Tetra
Hemigrammus erythrozonus
$1.50, 6 for $7.50
Beckford's Pencilfish
Nannostomus beckfordi
6 for $15
Glass Bloodfin Tetra
Prionobrama filigera
6 for $15
SALE! 10 for $15
Red Spotted Tetra
Copeina guttata
6 for $15

Pictured are adult fish. These are juveniles at about 1".

Marble Hatchetfish Marble Hatchetfish
Carnegiella strigata
$3, 6 for $15

Cyprinids (Barbs, Danios, Rasboras, etc.)

Red Panda Barb, Red Melon Barb
Haludaria fasciatia (Puntius fasciatus)
$10, 6 for $50

These are large sized, at about 3-4". They are not to be confused with the wild and F1 Ruby Panda Barbs we had some time ago -- this is a Florida bred fish. Do not mix these two species, as they may hybridise!
Clown Barb
Barbodes everetti

Running jumbo sized
Longfin Pearl Danio
Danio albilineatus
$2, 10 for $15

Gold Neon Rasbora
Rasbora cf. agilis
6 for $10
Celestial Pearl Danio (Galaxy Rasbora)
Danio margaritatus
3 for $12, 6 for $22

These beautiful microfish make a great addition to a planted tank. Their patterns remind me of microtrout! These are tank raised.

Eye Spot Rasbora
Brevibora dorsiocellata
$2.50, 6 for $12

Glowlight Danio
Danio choprae
6 for $20
SALE! 12 for $30
Fire Ring Danio
Brachyodanio stansungi
SALE! 5 for $15 (only 5)


Common Betta
Betta sp. "Domestic," Hybrid "Splendens"

We have a good number of various fancy male bettas in stock right now, the hobby B. splendens. Please contact us if you're looking for a really nice Betta, and we can send you some really bad photos.
SALE! Now includes Crowntails, Twin Tails, Halfmoons and other varieties. Limited quantity, and time!

White Edge Betta
Betta albimarginata
True Coccina
Betta coccina

This is the real, actual Betta coccina.
Emerald Betta
Betta smaragdina
Blue Licorice Gourami
Parosphromenus gunawani
Sparkling Gourami
Trichopsis pumila
6 or more @ $2.50 each
Scarlet Badis
Dario dario
Rainbow Leaffish
Ctenepoma cf. ansorgii
$30 PAIR

Leopard Leaffish
Ctenepoma acutirostre


All Other Fishes:

Tri Spotted Blue Halfbeak
Hemirhamphodon kuekenthalis
Gold Halfbeak
Hemirhamphodon chrysopunctatus

Lapradei Bichir, "Koliba"
Polypterus lapradei

Tank raised, about 8 inches.
Mini Livebearer
Phalloptychus januarius

Sold by the pair, generally have extras -- ask. This is a brackish fish.
Glass Goby
Stiphodon spp.
Neon Goby
Stiphodon spp.
Clown Loaches
Chromobotia macracanthus

Tiger Loach
Syncrossus helodes, (Botia helodes)
$12, 3 for $30
Butterfly Goodeid, Juvenile
Ameca splendens

Juveniles, up to 1.5"
Butterfly Goodeid, Adults
Ameca splendens

Adults, from 3-5" (some massive)


Cherry Shrimp
Neocaridina heteropoda
Nerite Snail
Nerite spp.
$3 or 6 for $12
Asst. Types, Our Pick
Small Thorn Nerite Snail
Nerite thornus
$2.50, 6 for $12

Orange Faced Rabbit Snail
Tylomelania spp.
3 for $28

Pictured above is a generic rabbit snail, until I replace the image.
Thai Microcrab
Limnopilos naiyanetri
6 for $12
Vasquez Crayfish
Cambarellus “Vasquez”
3 for $30

We have been asking around trying to get a positive ID on these craws. They're not particularly big, don't seem to bother fish, and haven't destroyed our plants. Buy one and tell us what it is!

Texanus Crayfish
Cambarellus texanus
3 for $30

We have been asking around trying to get a positive ID on these craws. They're not particularly big, don't seem to bother fish, and haven't destroyed our plants. Buy one and tell us what it is!
Snow White Crawfish
Procambarus alleni

About 2" or so currently. Not a dwarf crawfish; not plant safe.

All Other Animals

Ambystoma mexicanum axolotl

Last one.
Siren, Lesser
Siren intermedia

Iberian Ribbed Newt
Pleurodeles waltl

Iberian Ribbed Newt, Xanthix Form
Pleurodeles waltl


These are extremely unusual fish, one of a kind fish, or fish that are ideal for dedicated breeders, as well as "Lonely Hearts." Please only order these fish if you are willing and able to breed them, and/or have mates for these "lonely hearts."

Incan Stonefish
Tahuantinsuyoa macantzatza
Priced each, about five let.

Fully grown, adult fish.
Keyhole Cichlid
Cleithracara maroni

Fully grown, adult fish at about 3-4". Three available. All three appear to be male.
Rohan Barb, Imperial Barb
Dawkinsia rohani

One adult female fish at about 6", plus three smaller fish at about 3-4"