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Batfish Aquatics houses over 300 aquariums full of freshwater fishes. We specialize in unusual and rare species, and, if it is not on our list, we can often get it. To order, please click the contact us link below and send an e-mail. Fish often sell quickly, and we cannot guarantee availability, no matter what is listed below.

NEW! We are currently working on adding information on each species in stock. Click on the picture of any fish and more information, if available, will appear. Note that we are currently writing and uploading informational pages for all species; please be patient as we work our way through the list!
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Apistogramma cacatoides triple red Double Red Cockatoo Cichlid
Apistogramma cacatoides "Double Red"
Males Only
The Yellow Head Umbrella Cichlid, Apistogramma borellii Yellow Head Umbrella Cichlid
Apistogramma borelli
$39.99 PAIR
Spadetail Apistogramma Assorted Spadetail Apistogramma
Apistogramma agassizii
Mixed types; image representative.
Steel Blue Apistogramma Steel Blue Apisto
Apistogramma sp. Hybrid?
Very few left.

Other Cichlids

A close relative of the Convict, the Siquia cichlid is a popular alternative Siquia Convict Cichlid
Amatitlania siquia

Small guys at about 1.5-2".
A close relative of the Convict, the Siquia cichlid is a popular alternative Siquia Convict Cichlid
Amatitlania siquia

Adults, from 3-4". Show size available; ask.
Pike Cichlid Pike Cichlid
Crenicichla sveni
Black Belt Cichlid
Vieja maculicauda
3 for $20


Lemon Drop Ancistrus
Ancistrus sp. Domestic "Lemon Drop"

A gorgeous variety of Bushy Nosed Pleco. These are a yellowish green fish. Awesome little algae eaters.

L183 Pleco, the Starlight Ancistrus. Starlight Pleco
L183, Ancistrus dolichopterus
Small, tank raised fish.
Bushy Nose Pleco
Ancistrus sp. "Domestic"
3 for $15

The basic aquarium bushy nose pleco or bristle nose pleco, brown, either locally bred (usually) or farm raised. These are the ideal algae eating pleco. If you're still buying regular ol' "plecos," Batfish will have words for you. The BNP gets to a maximum size of about 4", perfect for most tanks, breeds easily, looks cool and ... best of all ... it ... eats ... brown ... algae. The type most of us have in the aquarium. Great algae eaters.

  Galaxias Vampire Pleco
Leporacanthicus galaxias
Rubberlip pleco, Chaetostoma Rubberlip Pleco
Chaetostoma spp.
L236 Pleco, Hypancistrus scribbled zebra pleco Scribbled Zebra Pleco
L236: Hypancistrus spp.
The Whiptail Catfish, a species of Loricaria, is an interesting fish with great camouflage. Whiptail Catfish
Loricaria spp.
Oto Cat Oto Cats
Otocinclus cf. affins
6 for $15
Common Pleco, Jumbo
Pteroglyptus spp.
Free To Good Home

Only one, adult, 24"+; Local pickup only.

Corydoras and Similar:

Long Nose Cory Cat
Corydoras septentrionalis
3 for $20
Corydoras paleatus, the salt and pepper cory cat Salt and Pepper Cory Cat
Corydoras paleatus
6 for $19.99
Orangefin Corydoras
Corydoras sterbai
6 for $45
Corydoras rabouti Rabouti's Cory
Corydoras rabouti
Shoulder Spot Cory
Corydoras adolfoi

Corydoras habrosus, the Dwarf Cory Cat Dwarf Cory
Corydoras habrosus
6 for $20
Corydoras pygmaeus Pygmy Cory
Corydoras pygmaeus
$3, 6 or more $2.50 each
Olga's Corydoras
Corydoras simulatus
3 for $20
Asst. Cory Cats
Corydoras spp.
3 for $12

Our choice of Corydoras, including some species not on the list.
Aspidoras Two Stripe Hoplo
Hoplosternum cf. magdalenae

Other Catfish:

Banjo Catfish Banjo Catfish
Aspredinidae spp.
 Trachelyopterus fisheri, the Driftwood Catfish, is an interesting schooling catfish  Colombian Wood Catfish
Trachelyopterus fisheri

 Trachelyopterus fisheri, the Driftwood Catfish, is an interesting schooling catfish  Morrow's Wood Catfish
Liosomadoras morrowi

The Electric Catfish, Malapterus electricus, is a predatory catfish capable of delivering a powerful electric shock Electric Catfish
Malapterurus electricus

This fish can generate an electric shock. Use caution.
Synodontis eupterus, the Featherfin Catfish Featherfin Catfish, Large
Synodontis eupterus


Pseudomugil gertrudae Gertrude's Blue Eye Rainbowfish
Pseudomugil gertrudae
6 or more @ $8.00 each

Tetras and other Characins:

Ember Tetra, Hyphessobrycon amanda Ember Tetra
Hyphessobrycon amandae
6 for $15
Black Widow Tetra Black Phantom Tetra
Hyphessobrycon megalopterus
12 for $36

Cyprinids (Barbs, Danios, Rasboras, etc.)

 Rosy Barb
Puntius conchonius
6 for $12
The bright red Cherry Barb is an excellent aquarium fish Cherry Barb
Puntius titteya
6 for $10
The Odessa Barb, Pethia padamya Odessa Barb
Pethia padamya
6 for $18
Pearl Danio Pearl Danio
Danio albolineatus
SALE: 10 for $10
Celestichthys margaritatus, the Celestial Pearl Danio or Galaxy Rasbora Celestial Pearl Danio (Galaxy Rasbora)
Celestichthys margaritatus
3 for $12, 6 for $22

These beautiful microfish make a great addition to a planted tank. Their patterns remind me of microtrout! These are tank raised.


Betta splendens Common Betta
Betta sp. "Domestic," Hybrid "Splendens"
$5 and up

We have a good number of various fancy male bettas in stock right now, the hobby B. splendens. Please contact us if you're looking for a really nice Betta, and we can send you some really bad photos.
SALE! Now includes Crowntails, Twin Tails, Halfmoons and other varieties. Limited quantity, and time!

Betta splendens Common Betta, Females
Betta sp. "Domestic," Hybrid "Splendens"
$3 and up

Assorted females of the above. Please contact us, and let us know what colours you're looking for. We will try to match up.

 Flame Badis
Badis hysginon

All Other Fishes:

Botia sidthimunki, Ambastaia sidthimunki Dwarf Chain Loach
Ambastaia sidthimunki
Black Widow Tetra Brown Ghost Knife
Apteronotus leptorhynchus
  Goldbelly Livebearer
Girardinus falcatus
$12 PAIR (FEW)
  Highland Swordtail
Xiphophorus malinche
$40 PAIR
Phalloptychus januarius is a small, rare livebearing fish. Mini Livebearer
Phalloptychus januarius

Sold by the pair, generally have extras -- ask. This is a brackish fish.
Norman's Lampeye Killifish
Aplocheilus normani
6 for $12
Ameca splendens, the butterfly goodeid, is a critically endangered fish that is renowned as an algae eater in the aquarium. Butterfly Goodeid
Ameca splendens

Xenotaca eiseni, the Red Tail Goodeid, is a critically endangered aquarium fish. Red Tail Goodeid
Xenotaca eiseni
$7.99 Pair


Nerite Snail
Nerite spp.
$3 or 6 for $12
Asst. Types, Our Pick
Blue Dream Shrimp
Neocaridinia davidi
6 for $45
 Fiddler Crab
Uca spp.
The CPO, Cambarellus patzcuarensis Orange Crayfish is a beautiful dwarf crayfish Dwarf Crayfish, Orange
Cambarellus patzcuarensis "Orange"

Note: Crayfish are illegal to purchase in PA, WV, VA and some other states. Check your local laws before purchase.
   Dwarf Crayfish, Blue
Cambarellus shufeldtii "Blue"

Note: This crayfish is illegal to purchase in PA, WV, VA and some other states. Check your local laws before purchase.
Dwarf Crayfish, like this one, are an interesting addition to a planted aquarium. Big Claw Crayfish
Cambarellus “Vasquez”
3 for $30

All Other Animals


These are extremely unusual fish, one of a kind fish, or fish that are ideal for dedicated breeders, as well as "Lonely Hearts." Please only order these fish if you are willing and able to breed them, and/or have mates for these "lonely hearts."